Environmental Dredging - Port of Oslo
Commissioned by: Port of Oslo (The Municipality of Oslo)
Type of construction contract: Main contract

During the period 2006–2009, Secora AS carried out the dredging of contaminated masses in the Port of Oslo.
The project is also known as ‘Ren Oslofjord (‘Uncontaminated Oslofjord’).
The work consisted of dredging away a 0.5-1.0 metre inner layer that spanned the entire Port of Oslo. 
The dredging was carried out using conventional dredging equipment.
The dredging machine ‘Transport 052’ with an environmental shovel was used.
In addition, some marinas were also dredged using ‘Transport 048’.
Masses were dug out right up to the water’s edge at the marinas, and the masses were disposed of in a deepwater waste disposal site.
The masses were pumped down into the site which is 60-70 meters underwater.
The work was monitored continually by 13 metering stations for turbidity.
Following completion of the work, the waste disposal site was covered with 40 cm of sand. The entire disposal site measures 300 000 m3.


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