Secora supplies the following services:


Secora is one of Norway's largest and most specialised contractors within traditional dredging and blasting work. Their technology has been utilised to deepen harbours and shipping channels. The company makes use of a wide range of dredging and blasting units, and the largest equipment has a capacity to provide efficient production at depths of 15 metres.

For accurate surveys and control under the water's surface, the company makes use of several advanced survey vessels in addition to an ROV.

Barge transport:

Secora has several types of barges for the transport of masses and cargo, with loading capacity from 150 m3 to 300 m3, including two self-propelled split barges of 500 m3 and 940 m3 and flat top barges with or without a crane, with the largest having a loading capacity of 2700 tons.  

In addition, Secora has several types of working vessels and smaller tug boats.

Environmental dredging:

In recent years, Secora has been involved in a number of major projects where the main scope of the work has involved polluted sediments.
Experience from these projects is reflected in both the equipment and methods which are carefully adapted to ensure a proper and efficient execution. The company makes use of equipment and environmental dredgers which can remove polluted sediment layers down to 10 cm thickness with high precision and very little dispersion of particles.

Secora has its own equipment for monitoring and sampling which fulfils the strict requirements from the authorities for execution of environmental dredging projects.

Disposal sites:

Secora has experience from the establishment of various types of disposal sites both in coastal areas and as disposal sites in water, including deep water disposal at depths of 65 to 70 metres.


Covering is a method which is now more commonly used to improve the maritime environment. When allowed by sufficient sea depths, polluted sediment can be covered by pure masses, thereby preventing the dispersion of polluted particles.
Covering can comprise several layers and thickness from 5-10 cm and up to many metres. 

Jetty construction:

Secora has many years of experience and a tradition for construction of jetties and piers. The company has the equipment required to build such constructions. Our most recent projects within jetty construction were the new jetty at Lovund and repairs to the jetties in Lauvik and Berlevåg. Jetty construction often requires powerful equipment which can lift heavy and large blocks of stone, and the company has machines which can handle stone blocks of up to 30 tons.

Navigational beacons:

Secora has accumulated a broad base of experience in navigational beacons and navigational installations at sea. For this type of work, we make use of personnel with extensive experience from concrete work and diving operations. In recent times, we have completed projects for the Norwegian Coastal Administration with the establishment of beacons in Tjeldsund, Drøbak/Svelvikstrømmen, Brevikstrømmen and Porsgrunn.

Construction of quays and bridges:

Secora has a separate department for the construction of quays and bridges. For this type of work, we make use of personnel with knowledge and experience from working with wooden and concrete constructions and from underwater concrete work.

Secora has a contract with the Norwegian Directorate of Public Roads, a maintenance contract for the operation and maintenance of 134 ferry quays in the three northernmost counties. We have put together a team of professionals with specialised expertise within concrete, machining, hydraulics and electronics to work on this contract. This team makes use of efficient, mobile equipment and can travel out on emergency response to repair damage to quays and bridges.   

Other services:

Secora has a machine park which is adapted to major projects on land within blasting work, moving masses in addition to powerful pumps used to pump large volumes of water or volatile sediments. 

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