About Secora

Secora AS is a maritime contractor with its core business within the deepening of harbours and shipping lanes, construction and maintenance of quays, subsea blasting work, environmental dredging and subsea inspections and surveying.

The company was founded in 2005, originating from a unit of the Norwegian Coastal Administration which was demerged to form a separate private limited company. Secora AS is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Secora AS comprises a parent company and two subsidiaries. The parent company is involved in sales and execution of projects in Norway. The company's business is divided into two business segments: Construction, and Operation & Maintenance. Secora AS has its head office, management and administration in Svolvær. The company also carries out administrative services for its subsidiaries.    

The market area is the Nordic countries, and the company has enjoyed a very positive development since its foundations. Turnover has seen an increase from NOK 102 million in 2005 to NOK 287 million in 2008.

Secora AS has an efficient and modern machine park with high capacity, and has a staff of workers representing many years and a wide base of experience.

The company has an extremely extensive knowledge base related to the execution of projects in challenging and at times extreme weather conditions.

Secora AS has completed a number of major projects involving the handling and removal of different types of polluted masses. This specialised expertise implies that the company is able to execute environmental projects in a safe and efficient manner, at the same time as remaining in full compliance with all requirements and licences from controlling authorities.

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